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Doug and I found out we were pregnant on the morning of Friday, April 23, 2010.  We were getting ready for work, when I decided to take a test, only to put my mind at ease, not that I really thought I was pregnant.  And lo and behold, the test was positive!  We called the doc and made an appointment on the following Monday.  Since I wasn’t sure when the start of my last period was, they scheduled me for an ultrasound right away to determine a due date.

Thursday April 29 we went in for our ultrasound.  Doug was a bit nervous, not likely hospitals.  I was nervous and excited to find that we were only having one baby.  For the two days prior all I could think about was TWINS.  I told Doug on the car ride there, “I can’t to see our baby so I can put this crazy thought of twins to rest.  I know I’m just being crazy”.  Dr. Kathy came in the room and got started.  We first determined that we were not having an a-topical pregnancy.  Then, we went looking for the baby.  Right on que, the baby was a great size, round yolk and a slight flutter of a heart beat.  It was too early to have a strong heart beat.  Then came the surprise … TWINS!  Baby A and Baby B.  Doug and I were amazed and overwhelmed, but excited.  Twins are a huge undertaking, but still do-able.  I’ve got two arms, I can handle two babies.

After leaving the doctor’s office, we immediately started making excited phone calls to our families.  My parents were elated … they didn’t have to argue over who held the baby!  My mother-in-law was overwhelmed with what a special gift we were given.  Eric gave the “ata boy Doug!” and Sherri, bless her heart, cried (of course).  The entire family was so excited!  We spent the rest of the week talking about where we were going to put two babies, the size stroller we were going to have to buy and of course, the fact that I would now be destined to drive a minivan.  Awesome.

Now it was explained at our first appointment that we were to be “cautiously optimistic”.  In my head, I’ve also been preparing for our twin news to also change … maybe one of the babies wouldn’t be viable.

We had another ultrasound scheduled right away the following Thursday to check on the two babies and ensure both were growing at the same rate.  We anxiously awaited our appointment.  We get to the office and Dr. Kathy gets down to business.  First Baby A.  We found a great heartbeat, loud and clear and healthy!  Good size, baby looks healthy.  Then on to Baby B.  Now she was flicking back and forth at something, obviously studying something on the screen.  She says “ok, we have a few things going on here” and I immediately tell myself “ok, this is what you have been preparing yourself for, we might only end up with one baby”.  Then the screen said it all … three dark circles, Baby A, Baby B and BABY C!  TRIPLETS.  This time there was more panic and disbelief in the room.  Three babies?  Were they multiplying in there?  How are we going to do this?  How can this happen?  We weren’t on any infertility drugs.

Now, we are considered an “extreme case high risk” pregnancy (only because of the triplets, no other reason).  We’ll have to go to a different clinic (which specializes in these kinds of pregnancies) in tandem with my regular doctor.  Dr. Epperson said we need to plan on being at a doctor at least once a week.  They also said bed rest is in my future at some point.  My due date is still 12/24/10, however with triplets our goal is to make it to 34 weeks, which puts us right before Thanksgiving.  It’s coming so fast!

The rest of the day was a whirl wind of thoughts and fears.  But, as my dad said in his wedding toast, life is a journey.  I’m glad to be on this adventure with Doug and know our family and friends will be there for support.  We love you all!

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  1. OMG! This is exactly what happened to us! We went one week thinking, we can do it, 2 babies, then to find out it was 3!!! Can’t wait to read more!

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