10 1/2 Weeks!

Sorry for the late post … we headed to Green Bay for the weekend to tell Doug’s side of the family and forgot to snap a photo with all the packing.  So here they are!

On Friday we headed out to Janet’s for a bonfire.  The majority of the family would be there so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to tell everyone at once!  We pulled into the driveway and I slyly carried the chairs in (in front of my belly) and then sat.  Once everyone arrived, Mom Bissing stood and said that she had an announcement and then Doug took over to say that we were pregnant … with triplets.  It was very quiet for about 30 seconds while everyone let it set it … then came the congrats and the hugs.  I’m pretty sure everyone was still in shock at the end of the night, but everyone was also very excited for us.

The next day Mom Bissing, myself and Jaden went to Bay Beach for the morning.  Jaden has a BLAST and even rode the Scrambler with Grandma.  (I attached more photos in the gallery below).  Once we were done we all headed out to Grandma Bissing’s to share the news with her.  She was funny … it took quite a while to sink in.  But by the end of the night she was excited and wished us well.

We finished up the weekend hanging around the house. Doug took me out to dinner and we started one of our registries.  Then this morning we went to the De Pere Memorial Day parade.  Jaden was so excited, holding two flags and jumping up and down.  He even got a hat from one of the clowns!  Then it was time to head home.  While it’s always hard to say good bye, it was good to head home after an awesome weekend!!

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