11 Week Update

So this past week has been full of worry.  I worry if I’m not feeling sick to my stomach or when my shirt fits two days in a row.  I worry when I sleep, my dreams are even filled with worry.  I worry about Jaden and if he’s going to adjust and I worry that he’ll feel left out when the babies come.  I worry about leaving work and not coming back.  I worry if I’ll be able to hack it as a stay at home mom.  I worry if I’ll be able to find enough ‘me’ time to say sane.  Everything I do if filled or has a feeling of worry. 

It’s the weeks when we don’t have a doctor’s appointment that makes it more worrisome.  At least when we’ve got the doctor’s appointment, we get to hear the heart beats and see the little nuggets dancing.  Now when I wonder or start to feel worry, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and remind myself that someone greater is in charge.  He’ll make the decisions and all I can do is take care of myself.  Drink my water.  Eat well-balanced meals (still working on that one…)  Take my vitamins.  Listen to my body and rest when I’m tired.  But I still worry.

Here are some belly shots of where we are at during 11 Weeks.  We are the size of limes!

We’ve got a doctor appointment on Thursday with the specialist.  I’ll get my blood drawn for gestational diabetes.  We’ll also have a first trimester screening and an in-depth ultrasound.  I’ll keep praying that all three babies are healthy.  If you’re a believer, please pray with me?  We love all of our family and friends very much!

Love, Mel


  1. Hey Mel,
    I am so excited for you, but I understand your worry. I worry too, sometimes that I can’t even get pregnant. But I know that God knows best and His timing is perfect. Would you take a challenge of reading a chapter of Psalms everyday while your preggers? I promise God’s word will fill your heart with joy, hope and love. There is nothing else in this world that will give you the rest and comfort you need right now, that compares to Gods words of peace and truth. I love you… and David and I are praying for 3 healthy babies and a hopeful and joyous Mel:) and dad and Jaden too.

  2. You are beautiful, your babies are beautiful. Stop worrying cause what you think about you bring about. I know its hard, I can only imagine. But picture your 3 beautiful babies in perfect condition and you in perfect condition with a wonderful pregnancy. Just stay positive. And if you are looking for a name for a girl, Stacy is just awesome!!! Love you!

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