Mid 11 Week Update

So I think my last post worried a few.  I didn’t mean to!  It was more of an outpour of emotion, late at night.  While the worry IS consuming at times, I have amazing friends and family who support me constantly!  Our doctor appointment is tomorrow which I feel will bring a lot of calmness to my worry.

Doug has been diligently working on the basement and built all brand new storage!  While the timing of the project can be rough (I’d much rather him be hanging out at dinner or available to help with bath so I can rest), I know it’s his way of preparing for the babies.  I went to my mom’s last night and was made an AWESOME steak dinner with baked potatoes and sautéed mushrooms.  Just the relaxation and pampering I needed!  It was a helpful lesson/reminder that Doug and I aren’t in this alone.  We’ve got friends and family close by and all we need to do is ask for a little help.  And boy are we blessed!  Thank you mom, dad, Rachael and Jake for a relaxing and great evening!

I’m also been thinking how I can make the work exhaustion any better.  I’ve started looking to see if it will be possible to work from home a day or two a week.  What a difference it would make if I could be on the couch or have my feet up rather than sitting at a desk all day.  I’ve got a few phone calls into some contacts at work to see if this will be a possibility.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Hopefully we’ll have some new ultrasounds from tomorrow’s doc appointment!  We’ll be having a first trimester screening, so blood work and an in-depth ultrasound.  I’m praying for healthy babies and thinking healthy thoughts!  The appointment is at 9am so that means I get to sleep in just a tad.  BONUS!

Love you all and thank you for the thoughts and encouraging messages!


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