RIP Long Hair

First … Here are the most recent belly shots.  13 weeks and we’re peaches!  We find out the gender on Thursday … only 2 more days!

I cut my hair last night!  9 and a half inches!  It’s all going to a good cause tho … Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  The tail of hair is really weirding me out, so I can’t wait to get it in the mail!  Here are a few photos of the new due!


  1. Hey there, sorry I am so late, but I am technologically a moron. Well we voted for all girls, cuz isn’t that the way it should be? I can’t wait to find out with you on Thursday. More importantly, we all hope for 3 beautiful/healthy babies. Even more importantly, what a sexy momma with that hair!!! Yes, it is about comfort at this time. Good luck Thursday, love the Matuszak clan

    • Thanks so much! What a bummer that we didn’t find out….the specialist doc said that they would be able to tell me at our next visit, that’ll be Friday 7/2! Next on the sexy mama list … a MINIVAN! haha Doug and I went shopping today. Hope we find one soon! See you at Grandma’s camp out! Love, Mel

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