YaYa Facials!

Here are the 14 week belly shots!

YaYa and Pa were over tonight to finish painting Jaden’s bedroom.  It look awesome!  I uploaded a few “in progress” photos … the final room photos are coming soon!  Rachael and I are planning to hang the giant Batman and Spiderman wall things on Monday.  After we were done painting and eating dinner, YaYa stayed to help with bath time … and oh did Jaden and YaYa have fun!  We could barely get the little man out of the tub!  Then came lotion time … or YaYa facials!  Jaden wanted to test the lotion on YaYa to make sure it didn’t hurt …. haha!  Love these pics … and of course the little butt too!

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  1. Ha Ha! Mom came home and her face looked like a grease ball- I couldn’t figure out what the heck she was doing at your place! Who knew it was spa night?!?
    PS love the room! can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

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