16 Week Update

I can’t believe I’m half way done already!  16 Weeks along and tomorrow is Jaden’s 4th birthday.  I can’t believe my little man is going to be four already and off to 4K in the Fall.  He’s so smart and HILARIOUS I can’t imagine my life without him.

This past weekend we were up in GB visiting with family and at Great Grandma Van’s annual camp out.  The company was great, the fire roaring and the fireworks so close they were a little scary.  Jaden couldn’t wait to get out of his car seat and hit the ground running.  I asked him what his favorite part was and he said “Kickball and coloring with the girls.”  What a ladies man!  Saturday was a day of shopping with Jaden and my mother-in-law, where we bought a bunch of HUGE clothes for me to grow into.  Sunday morning Jaden got to open his b’day present from Grandma and Grandpa.  He LOVED it all!  But  I think his favorite part was the birthday card.  When you open it you can hear Pam say “Happy Birthday Jaden” then Dave “Happy Birthday to a wonderful little boy” then the song Happy Birthday plays over and over.  In fact when we were in the car on the ride home today, he opened and closed that card AT LEAST a dozen times if not more.  Then he began to cry, “I miss Green Bay.”  It was so precious and a prefect reminder of what a sweet boy Doug and I have.

I met up with mom this afternoon to buy Jaden’s b’day present.  We got him what every boy needs … A SANDBOX!!!!  I’m so excited.  The plan is to give him the toys we bought and then ask him to look in the backyard where Doug has already set up the sandbox.  I really hope he likes it.  Then this next weekend we are taking him to the zoo.  It’s what the boy asked for so he shall have it!

Prior to all of this birthday and bonfire business, we had another check up on Friday (7/9).  Mom and Rachael came this time as Doug had to work.  The babies are healthy and so am I.  However, it does look like there is tunneling on my cervix.  Which is an early sign that it might to start thinning (not good).  Right now it’s within the normal length which is really good.  But we want to be cautious, so I’m on restricted physical activity.  Not bed rest, but I have to be careful.  Not being outside in the heat for long periods of time, not walking too far, taking rests, sitting a lot, etc.  In fact, I’m officially handicapped!  Sent in my form for my sticker right away.  It’s mainly for work, where the parking lot is 3 football fields long!  In addition to being restricted I also get to go for check ups every week.  Wooo Whoo!  Who doesn’t want to get their cervix measured each week?  haha  If it’s what the babies need, then I shall do it and not complain!  ( although I can’t promise how long I’ll feel this way).

My new back brace (although looks ridiculous) works WONDERS!  My only complaint is that the straps that go over my shoulders show in almost any shirt I wear.  I LOVE it though, so who really cares?  Pretty soon I’ll be so huge the straps won’t be the only thing that looks ridiculous.  Now let me clarify one point.  I don’t make references to my hugeness as a complaint … I comment because I am in awe at what a woman’s body can go thru during pregnancy.  I thought it was unreal when pregnant with one, and boy was I wrong!  My belly great a whole 2 inches in just one week.  That’s just unreal!

Speaking of belly growing, here are this week’s belly shots:

Each baby is about the size of an avocado and looks a little something like this:

and my belly measures 48.5 inches round.  AMAZING!

Well I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow begins a new work week and of course our little man’s 4th birthday!

Love, Mel

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