Reflections of a 4 Year Old Birthday

As I reflect on this past weekend, it made me realize what a journey life is.  Saturday was the 5 year anniversary of my terrible car accident that left me in the hospital for 6 weeks.  It was also my baby boy’s 4th birthday party and to think I’m now pregnant with triplets!  Just makes you realize how much can not only change in one year, but how you can have more than you ever dreamed you would have.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a son, be married, own a home and be expecting three more!

Jaden & Doug at the Zoo 2007

Jaden & Doug at the Zoo 2010

I asked Jaden what his favorites were from the weekend:

  1. What was your favorite animal at the zoo?
    • Peacocks, Elephants & the Snow Leopard
  2. What was your favorite gift?
    • The nurf gun and Toy Story game
  3. What was your favorite part of the day?
    • Eating cake!

We took a lot of pictures during the day … here is a link to see them!  Pictures from Jaden’s 4 Year Old Birthday Party at the Zoo

Tonight, when taking a bath, Jaden wanted to listen to music on his new CD player.  So I set it up on the sink and had the radio playing.  He immediately began jumping and dancing around.  I was so excited to see how much he loves music!  About 2o minutes later, he came running into the living room wanting me to see him be a Jedi.  I followed him into the bathroom to find Doug pushing play on the CD player.  The Star Wars theme began to play.  The two boys pulled out their imaginary light sabers and were jumping about being Jedi and fighting the bad guys.  As much as I wanted to be irritated that Jaden was getting all wound up before bed, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile.  They both looked so happy.

Here’s to many more happy memories and another 5 year crazy life journey with my 5 boys!

Love, Mel

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  1. Love it – Love it – Love it – Love it
    Everyday I think of the past and what the future has to hold for us. Family 2000 miles back home. Missing my dads hugs and kisses, but love seeing all the smiles on the boys faces when they play in the warm sun every day.

    I think of you often and love seeing you blog.

    Remember God has it all planned for you already – it is just up to you to make the choice of what path you are taking.

    Love ya – Miss ya

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