More Triplet Baby Facts

I’ve finally found a little time to do some triplet research.  Here are some of the interesting facts I found:


  • Average birth weight for triplets is 4lbs 1oz.
  • Average NICU stay is 18-19 days
  • Average days in the hospital is 22-23 days


  • 80.7% of triplets were all fraternal
  • 2.9% of triplets were all identical
  • 11.6 % of triplets were a combination of identical and fraternal


  • 49.51% of triplets were female
  • 49.36% of triplets were male

While the stats are close … it would figure that we get all boys!  ♥


Many mothers expecting higher-order multiples births are hospitalized prior to delivery. Below is the percentage of survey respondents who indicated being hospitalized prior to delivery based on the type of multiples:

  • 61.5% Twins (hospitalized on average 1 time)
  • 70.5% Triplets (hospitalized on average 1.7 times)
  • 86.1% Quadruplets (hospitalized on average 3.8 times)
  • 84.6% Quintuplets (hospitalized on average 1.4 times)
  • 100% Sextuplets or more


  1. i will not be having babies, mostly because i am 15 and doing a health assignment..

  2. I am an identical female triplet from the 1950s. Doc thought Mom was having one large baby. Finally sent her for x-ray . All born vaginal with 2 hours between each. Mom almost bled to death. All babies came home within 2 weeks. All about 5 pounds at birth. Wow how times have changed in care of multiple births.

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