Day 2, 3 & 4 at the Lake

We started Day 2 off with a doctor appointment at 8:30 am.  We finished up most of the anatomy and got some really great pictures.  Baby A is about 12 oz and Baby B & C are 13 oz.  This week they are the size of cantaloupes!  HOLY MOLY that seems so big!

Heather, Chris and Asher joined us when we got back.  It was so special to finally meet the little man.  For me it was also special to see how Jaden interacted with Asher.  He was so interested and wanted to play with him.  In fact, when Asher was sitting on my lap, Jaden came over and put his cheeks in his hands and said “hey there little guy”.  Ahhh my heart melted.  When Doug was playing with Asher, Jaden was in Doug’s face, trying to get his attention.  So we’ll see how it really goes when they get here!

We spent some great time catching up with Heather and Chris and sharing stories of friends and our lives.  Our dads have been friends since high school and I’ve known Heather since she was in the womb (yes…I’m older!).  Almost 27 years … more than a quarter of a century!    It’s crazy to have a friend who has been thru so much with you … played dress up with you, seen you thru your awkward stages and now being at your wedding and our kids playing together.  Pretty unreal.

Day 3 – Frank and Cyndee came up from Chicagoland and hung out for the day.  We laid around the pool.  Went on a boat ride that was cut short due to the rain.  Played a great game of “What’s Your’s Like” … Dad’s is a glass door where his … nevermind!  haha  We finished up the night with a bonfire.  Unfortunately my back was hurting so much and Jaden was itchy, I didn’t make it out there.  I spent the evening itching Jaden and reading a book.  I didn’t really mind since it was only thing that made my back not hurt.

Day 4 was sad … last day out at the house.  Went out for a great brunch then back to the lake for an hour rest in the sun.  Then it was time to get ready for Brittany’s wedding!  Gorgeous ceremony and reception.  I even was on the dance floor doing the electric slide … paid for it later tho!

And now the vacation is over … back to real life of babies, chores and work.  If only my life was living at the lake … haha.  A HUGE thank you to mom and dad for having us out there.  We enjoyed every second!  We love you lots!

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