21 Week Update

I can’t believe the babies will be here in 2 and a half months (hoping that all goes as planned).  Where did the time go?

Doug is working hard on getting the basement finished.  Dad and him just have some electrical to finish up and then we’ll have a contractor come in and drywall.  I know everyone keeps telling me to calm down, but honestly … I just wanna get it done before things get really crazy.  Once the basement is finished, we’ll have more room for all the furniture that needs to come out of the office (now nursery).

I’ve got my OB appointment on Thursday.  Hoping to get a final day of work out of it.  But whenever I’m hoping to find something out at an appointment, it never happens!  So … not going to keep my fingers crossed!

Here are the most current belly pictures!  We measure 49.5 inches around.  Yeee Haw!

I can really feel the babies kicking around, mostly at the end of the day … when I’ve sat for a while and started to calm down.  I mainly feel the flips and flops on the top of my belly.  I can feel a little of Baby A on the bottom of my belly, more on the inside tho.  Doug, Abby and Rae have been able to feel the kicks.  It’s so cool to share the movement and exciting with my family.  )That’s right Abby … I called you family!)  It’s harder for Doug to feel than the girls … I wonder if it’s a boy thing?

Next on the list is that darn minivan.  I’ve found a few that I like … just need to get them in front of Doug to approve or deny.

Tomorrow night is dinner for Dad’s birthday.  I made him a special dessert .. hope he likes it!  When picking up Jaden from school today I asked him if he wanted to call Pa to wish him a Happy Birthday … he was like “yesssss … yea … .oh yeah!”  ::arms in the air::  Which I thought was REALLY enthusiastic for someone’s birthday.  Then he followed up with … “I get cake!”  haha  they learn about birthdays so young!

Babies are the size of bananas this week … three naners in my belly!

Another exciting note … a mom in Shawno, WI reached out to me via one of the multiples websites!  Her mom lives in GB and heard of a woman having triples and half wondered if we might be the same.  She has SIX kids .. two and a set of quads.  I’m so excited to have my first mother of super twins correspondence.  Wow I’m a huge dork.  She emailed me right back … looks like I might have a new pen pal.  Ok I might be a little over excited.  The forums seem to be a great way to network.  I’m looking forward to meeting more moms and learning from the field experts!

It’s getting late … I should get to bed.  Have to take Jaden to the allergist tomorrow morning bright and early.  We’re going to see what we can do to get the little booger to sleep thru the night.  Poor little guy, wakes up every 4 hours, almost on the dot.  I’m guessing it’s when the Benadryl wears off.  Hope the Doc can hook us up!

Love you all!


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