MiniVan Here We Come!

Got a call today from AutoConnectionz that they might have found a car for us on the auction tomorrow.  2006 silver Chrysler Town & Country with 51K miles and power doors and hatch.  Who knows … I might be driving the mom-mobile to work on Friday!

They said they would call us on Thursday to let us know if it’s a go or not.  AutoConnectionz will check out the car mechanically to make sure it’s a good car before they purchase.  Granted that goes well, we’ll be van owners soon!

I was just starting to think and getting worried about having to go van shopping.  I get so uncomfortable so easily, I really wasn’t looking forward to a day in the car and test driving.  And ugh … if we had to haggle.  I really didn’t want to.  Just seems like an answer to my silent prayer!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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