Progress on the Nursery

Mom and Rae came over for a girl’s night tonight.   The original plan was to put up the tree wall decal in the nursery and then watch a movie.  We only got to the tree … but it looks SO cool!  I would have never been able to hang in on my own.  It makes the room look whimsical and like a baby room.  I’m SUPER excited.  I can almost imagine the three cribs, six little feet and three snoring babies in there!

The tree is on the right hand wall.  The leaves wrap a little up onto the ceiling.  There is a “twitter bird” (as Doug calls them) that flies onto the next wall.  The second squirrel is on the wall just able the window seat in the room chasing two acorns.  Rachael also put a one of the twitter birds perched above the closet door.  I just loved it!  Not to mention I’m slightly obsessed with cartoon owls these days.  I hope everything ties together when all is said and done.

I took a few pictures of our process.  Don’t worry Rae, I didn’t post the one where you look like you’re going to kill me  🙂

Thank you mom and Rachael!  You are helping me give a room to my kids that I would have never been able to give to them on my own.  It means the world to me!  And Rae, when you get married and have kids, I’ll be your slave.  I owe you both big time!

Love, Mel

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