Multiples Rummage Sale Adventure

There is a group in Madison called Madison Area Mothers of Multiples (MAMOM) who holds a huge rummage sale twice a year.  Their summer sale was this past Saturday.  Mom, Rae and I have been planning to attend for over a month now.  The day finally came … and let me tell you .. it did not disappoint!

The morning started off on the right foot … I was fifteen minutes EARLY!  I know … unbelievable!  Rachael on the other hand, was not even up when I get to the house.  Not to worry, after some coffee and a bunch of laughs, we were on our way at a little past 7:15am.  When we arrived, I was worried as I hadn’t received confirmation that they got my dues and applications.  See they let people in based on three groups:

  • 9am: Pregnant Members
  • 9:15am: Members
  • 10am: Non-Members

I was afraid that if they didn’t get my application we’d have to sit in line and wait with the non-members.  Yet again … it was all good!  We got in at 9am no problem!  We bee-lined it to the end of end of the rummage where the “big ticket items” were.  We snagged 2 car seats right off the bat!  I checked out the strollers, but there was only double strollers.  boo!

When shopping along other pregnant moms I found that there was a huge mix.  Some were new moms, others were older moms.  But they were all having TWINS!  Everything that was multiple related was for TWINS!  Nothing for triplets … no one having triplets.  Here I thought I would actually fit in at this thing … and I’m still an anomaly!  haha  I might as well accept it … I’m a freak of nature!   ahhh haha I truly blessed freak of nature with the greatest friends and family ever!

We left the rummage with the following finds:

  • 2 Car Seats
  • 2 Boppies
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Dishwasher cage for bottle nipples
  • PJs for Jaden
  • MagicDoodle (for Jaden)
  • Monitors

I thought we did pretty good!  On our way home, we stopped in Johnson Creek for a little more shopping!  YaYa went yoyo and bought a bunch of fun outfits for the little ones!  I even got a kitchen gadget (what is my life coming to?  haha).  I’ve found that I’m going to be the mom that dresses her triplets alike.  Well, at least until they have an opinion of their own.  We were looking for outfits that were the same but came in different colors/patterns … and wouldn’t you know it … they all came in two options, TWINS.  not TRIPLETS!  haha story of my life!

Ooo I almost forgot the best part!  We stopped for brunch in Madison at a place called the Blue Spoon!  Turns out it was a higher end restaurant owned by Culvers!  I had the pancakes that were made with custard.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen … pancakes with custard.  They were FANTASTIC!

It was a fantastic day and I had so much fun!  Thank you Mom and Rae for venturing out with me!  Love you both!

Love, Mel


  1. Mel- I LOVE the blue spoon! Their gelato is awesome…haven’t tried the pancakes yet though. Did you stop at the one in Middleton? Someday after you have the babies…you should try one of the restaraunts in downtown Middleton- they have gelato martinis 🙂

    • Yea we stopped at the one in Middleton on our way home (the rummage was in Middleton). Gelato martinis sound like heaven!!! I can’t wait to try one!

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