22 & 23 Week Update

I’ve had lots to blog about these days, but not a whole lot of time to do it.  I can’t believe we are reaching 23 weeks! Only 1 more week until we are all viable.

Babies are about the size of a papaya this week!  Baby’s little face is fully formed…minus the baby fat, of course. The next task at hand for baby: sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!  (manly nipples of course!)

I thought I would be done with work the end of this week, but me and the babies are doing so well, we are able to keep on working!  I had a meeting work on Friday to talk thru some options.  Looks like I”ll be working from home 2 days a week beginning the week after Labor Day.  I’m suppose to get more details on Monday at my touchbase.  More details to come…

The van is gorgeous!  I’m loving the red … it’s so sassy!  Jaden has watched Alvin & Chipmunks 3 times thru while driving around town.  Doug and I decided to sell my Malibu and keep his Impala.  While I’m biased and think my car is the best car … it’s Doug who has to drive it and he can pick what he wants.  Doug spent all day at Saturday cleaning it out … it looks GREAT!  We are going to park it on a busy road by mom and dad’s this week.  Let’s hope there is a buyer out there!

I didn’t have a doc appointment this past week.  My next one is this upcoming Friday.  Can’t wait to find out how big the little buggers are now.  I can feel them rolling and kicking all the time now.  I’m surprised how hard they can kick/punch and they are only about 1 lb!  While at times they hit in just the “right” spot, it’s one of the most amazing feelings.  To feel life growing in your belly … to feel the little babies that you have been thinking about for months already.  I can’t even imagine what I’ll feel when I am able to hold them and see them.  What I do know is that these little men have LOTS of people thinking and praying about them already.  A true blessing.

I do have a fan club at work which is really sweet.  I was on the elevator one day with just another woman from the 6th floor.  (The elevator at work only services the 6th floor – Accounts Payable and Payroll and the 7th floor – my department OSA).  She asked me when I was due and I responded “Funny story, I’m not due until Dec 27, but I’m having triplets so they’ll come in the month of November).  She got all teared up and explained how she had heard about me and has been praying for me ever since.  She introduced herself as Viv and asked me to keep her updated.  I was astonished that she had heard of me and overwhelmed that a stranger has been praying for me.

Well….I ran into Viv again just the other day in the Loft when getting coffee and this time she had her friends with her.  She comes over, giving me a huge hug and says to her friends … “This is Melissa … she’s the one having triplets”  They all were so excited to finally meet me.  So here I’m surrounded by 4 older ladies and they are all asking me about the nursery, my husband, do I have any other children, does multiple equipment cost a lot…I was overwhelmed.  But, like I’ve said before, my irish stubbornness has kicked in and I’m hell-bent on having these triplets and being good at it too.  I think they picked up on it.  Viv kept mentioning how happy I was.  I kept thinking why wouldn’t I be?  I’m healthy and my babies are growing and right on track.  She introduced me to her crowd – Chris, Cheryl & Jan.  And now I’m promised to come down to say goodbye before I’m done with work.  Little overwhelming, but very sweet and thoughtful.

As far as the baby progress goes .. Jaden is getting more excited.  When putting him to bed last night, he was saying goodnight to his little brothers (via my belly button) and then blowing raspberries.  So funny, I couldn’t be mad.  I’m always thirsty … I can drink 4 glasses of water one right after another and STILL be thirsty!  And I usually wake up between 2-3am to get a drink because I’m so thirsty.  My legs are now tree trunks.  They are really swollen all of the time (part of the reason why I’m working from home).  It only really bothers me when I lose some feeling in them because they are so huge!

Next week is all about getting Jaden ready for his first day of school.  We meet his teacher Mrs. Shultz on Thursday.  Can’t wait!

I supposed this is a long enough post … I’ll write more this week and hopefully get some pictures up too!  Love you all!

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