Work Baby Shower

Thursday was the big day … my work baby shower!  It was themed with owls and the number 3.  EVERYTHING was matching and SO thought out!  I was overwhelmed that everyone went to such an extreme to throw me a wonderful shower!

There were:

  • 3 three layer diaper cakes
  • 3 games around the number 3
  • Tri colored pasta
  • 3 kinds of cheese to put on 3 different crackers
  • 3 types of beverages
  • 3 kinds of M&Ms
  • 3 cakes (with the owls!)
  • 3 gifts to open
  • 3 cards (one to Baby A, B & C)
  • Tri color tortilla chips to dip into three different dips!

My work team put so much into this shower … it meant more to me than I think they’ll ever know!  I’m usually the one that does all the planning, so to be thrown a party like this … I know how much work and love went into it.

Becky was my “official photographer” … check out all the photos!

Thank you New Store/Remodel/Implementation team!  Love you all!

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