My Birthday Bash & 24 Week Doc Appointment

Friday was another big day!  Started off with my 24 Week doc appointment.  As usual, everything went great!  Babies are growing at just the right pace and my health is also in check.

I brought in birthday muffins for the office.  When I told them we were going bowling they all laughed.  I told them I was going to rock at bowling!! My nurse Colleen promised if I got a strike, she’d buy my a candy bar.  The competition is on!

We’ll continue with the every 2 week appointments.  However, the weeks I don’t see the specialist, I’ll see my OB.  So….really I’m still seeing a doc every week.  But I suppose … only 2 months til the little ones are here!

Here are the latest and greatest ultrasound pics!

Baby A: 1 lb 10 ozs

Baby B: 1 lb 14 ozs

Baby C: 1 lb 11 ozs

Baby C Face

Then, I picked Jaden up at noon (office had a half day for Labor Day weekend) and bummed around the house.  I think we watched three movies and we both got a nap in.  I had to save my energy for bowling!  Everyone got to my house around 5:30ish and the birthday celebration began!

We headed to Sussex Bowl for a “bowling alley food” dinner.  Rae and I split a bunch of appetizers … all of which included melted cheese!  Then we bowled!  Girls vs boys.  Jaden’s attention was ok … although he was slightly obsessed with the game room he discovered on the other end of the alley.  I had 5 spares … but no strikes! boo … no candy bar for me!  And … drum roll please … I beat the ladies with a 127!!  That’s right … ladies with bellies CAN bowl!  haha

And of course our bowling experience wouldn’t have been complete without Jaden doing something crazy … this time it was locking YaYa’s shoe in a locker!  We were able to get it out, but it was exciting!  With Jaden being so curious with the game room, we decided to only bowl one game.  Then we headed back to our house for presents and dessert.

The dropping of the birthday cake tradition (that dad and I started) continued with Rae!  For Jaden’s b’day, dad dropped Jaden’s ‘regular’ cake on the driveway.  I was able to spruce it up just fine … mom didn’t even notice!  Then for dad’s b’day, I was driving my mini mouse cups into Waukesha and I think every single one of them either collided with another cup or flipped over!  Then, when Rae was driving home my DQ cake flipped upside down off of her car seat!  It actually didn’t look so bad!  You could still read the DQ writing ‘Happy Birthday Mel’!  It was SOOOOOO good!  I’ve had a piece for breakfast and for my just before bed snack everyday since!

Then was time for presents!  Doug signed us up for NetFlix as my gift!!  With working from home two days and being on bed rest soon, I can’t wait to start getting those DVDs!  Then mom, dad, rae and Jake’s gift … a beautiful necklace AND……. A FREAKING Nook!  I couldn’t believe it!  They thought it would be helpful keeping me occupied when on bed rest and ease to read while nursing!  Two of the greatest gifts!  I never thought I’d have a nook!  I am SO spoiled!  Now I get to pick out a fun cover!  I found a few that I like but I can’t decide on which one.

And that pretty much concluded my birthday adventure.  Check out the pictures in the gallery below!  It was a great day filled with my babies and family.  Thank you everyone who helped make my day special!

Photo Gallery of Mel’s Birthday Bash

Love, Mel

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