24 Week Belly Shot!

My OB measured my belly today!  Also found out I’ve been measuring my belly “wrong”.  I’ve been measuring around my belly, from front to back.  The OB measures from the top to the bottom of my belly.  I’ll need to fix that going forward.  With Jaden I measured 38″ at the very end.  This week I measured 40″!  and we’ve got 8-10 weeks left.  Whooo Rah!

Also found out I lost two pounds in the past two weeks.  Looks like I’m not eating enough.  Lately I do forget to have dinner.  It gets to be 9 at night and my heart burn kicks in hard-core and then I remember I forgot dinner!  I just need to be better about remembering even when I’m not hungry.

Enjoy the photos!  Love, Mel


  1. You Are SUPER CUTE THOUGH! And i must say, your boobs look teeny tiny on top of the baby belly. 🙂 When else in your life can you say, “my boobs look small”?
    Owls have been catching my eye everywhere I go! Only 8-10 weeks left- that’s only one Delta Homecoming season 🙂

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