26 Week Update

Things have been very busy these days!  School, work, basement, nursery, laundry…  I’m still working, now two days from home.  I really love the two days at home.  My feet don’t get swollen, I can watch the Ellen show and I get a lot more done than when I’m in the office.

So the update on the babies:  They all are over 2  pounds now!!  Baby A has caught up to little chunker Baby B.  They are both measuring at 2lbs 3oz.  While Baby C is measuring 2lbs 1oz.  They are in the 67th percent tile.  They guesstimate that if I carry them to 34 weeks, the babies will measure to 4.5-5 lbs each.  That means I’ll be carrying around 15 lbs of baby!  It’s also time we start thinking about meeting with the NICU to learn about where the babies might be once they are born.

We didn’t get new ultrasound pictures of all the babies, but I do have a new belly shot to share!

I think there is something going on with my sciatic nerve on my right side.  When I try to go to sleep at night, I get a shooting pain down my right leg and my hip aches sooo bad!  Dr. Miller mentioned that I might be able to start PT a little early to help with that.  I’ll bring it up when I visit Dr. Epperson on Thursday.  I also get my glucose tested again when there on Thursday.  Yippee!

Last night was one the first nights I was getting really mad that I couldn’t get comfortable.  I wish I could roll over without it hurting or having to exert a lot of energy!  Too bad it’ll be months before that is possible.

Yesterday Mom and Rae took me shopping for rocking/recliners.   Who knew one could get THAT tired from sitting in a bunch of chairs.  I was EXHAUSTED!  We went to three stores.  And of course when I thought I had found one, me and my pregger mind would be undecided again.  So we decided to think on it a while longer and perhaps go again some time.  But we started looking for it and that’s what counts!

Rae and Sarah came over last night to hang out and they ended up helping put together the cubbies we’re going to be using as a dresser.  I love them and of course, Doug does not. Once he sees the whole room set up I think he’ll change his mind.  Here are some sneak peek photos!

And I got the paper lanterns I want to hang above the baby’s cribs.  Doug of course finds them to be “hippy”  but I love them!

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  1. Mel,
    You look so good and I think of you often with the three bundles of joy. I am glad that the office is working with you and you can stay off your feet.

    Hope everything else is going well.

    Miss ya – love ya!

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