The Stroller Arrived!

Our triple decker stroller arrived on Friday!  Now keep in mind, this stroller can only be used while the little ones are in the bucket car seats.  However, being born in November, I didn’t know of any other way to carry the little guys around!  Many get a double stroller and then carry the third in a Bjorn, but I can’t imagine wearing one over a winter coat or taking them out of their warm car seats in the cold.  Doug suggested that I just didn’t go anywhere alone … ha!  That just spurred my irish stubbornness and then I HAD to find a way to get around on my “own”.

The pictures online did NOT do it justice.  It did NOT show you really how huge this thing is!

We only brought in 2 car seats to try on it.  It’s HUGE!  I laughed really hard after assembling it.  We are going to draw so much attention to ourselves when we go out in public.  It was a huge reality check on how much “stuff” three babies are really going to need.

I thought about how huge I feel preggers right now and thought … that feeling isn’t going to go away any time soon.  I’m going to take up a lot of space for a long time to come with my three little babies and my Jaden.  Ready or not world, here we come!

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  1. Where did you find this stroller? We are looking for something exactly like this for our triplets on the way!

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