A special gift

I have a great friend at work, Marcy.  We met randomly while working on a project and found out we had so much in common!  We lived two blocks from each other, our sons were born a few days apart (both at Waukesha Memorial) and we just really hit it off!  We’ve kept in touch over the past few years, visiting each other while taking “breaks”.

She’s been so supportive thru my triplet pregnancy and always there to listen to me blabber on and on about the latest news.  Somewhere in our conversations (long time ago) I told her of my latest obsession with owls.  A few days ago, she came to my desk with a gift.  It was a BEAUTIFUL owl necklace … with three owls!

She told me the story of how she found it in a boutique long ago but didn’t buy it for fear of “jinxing” the three.  When I came down to tell her that we were 24 weeks and now “viable” she tracked down the necklace again.  Calling the boutique, she asked the woman on the phone if the necklace was still there … AND IT WAS!  So she drove back out there to get the necklace.  And in celebration of a great milestone and being a mama of triplets, I now have an amazing owl necklace from my friend Marcy.

I hope she knows that even tho we might not talk on a daily or even weekly basis, I value her.  I think she is a beautiful mother and woman and really hope that we continue our friendship and grow together.

Thank you Marcy!

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  1. Aww, shucks! (blushing and welling). I’m just so darn proud of you. You are the BEST oven ever! Keep on growin’ Mama! PS: If I talked to you every day, we wouldn’t get any work done!

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