Are the Owls in ka-hoots?

I think it’s safe to announce the names that Doug and I have chosen.  With (of course) the catch that they are subject to change.  We’ve agreed on these names for quite some time now, so I don’t really think they will change.  The winning names (in order of when they come out … to continue Doug’s patriarchal hierarchy) are:

  • Logan Joseph (Joseph is the middle name of the oldest male child in Doug’s family)
  • Owen Douglas (after Doug … duh)
  • Weston David (David, after Doug’s dad)

On a totally separate note, it’s no secret that I’ve developed a slight obsession with owls.  The nursery is decorated in owls, both baby showers have an owl theme, owl necklaces…  While at Nada’s this weekend, we were making small talk about the babies, and updating old friends.  One of the ladies said something that sparked my mom to think about the baby’s initials.

Are you ready for this one …. rearrange the order and you get … Owen, Weston, Logan …. that’s right folks … OWL!

The coolest part of this story is that owls have become symbolic of my grandpa.  When he passed, mom started to associate him to an owl.  My obsession with owls began separately of this, but seemed very cool when we made the connection.  So I’m now the proud mother of three baby boy owls!


  1. Wow! I love the names, Mel! LOVE LOVE LOVE! and I think it is awesome that they are O, W, and L. 🙂 yay!

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