28 Week Reality Check

At our recent ultrasound (10/1) we got a GREAT picture of all three heads together.  It’s the first ultrasound since the three black circle one we had at 10 Weeks.  All three of them had their heads in the middle of my belly, having a pow wow or something.  So cute!

We only got one good profile pic this time … of Baby B.  Look really close at this hand by his face …. I think he’s flicking off his mama!  That little booger…

I signed Jaden up for a Big Brother/Sister class at Waukesha Memorial today.  It’s a class aimed at children 3-8 that are becoming a big brother/sister for the first time.  They get a tour of the birthing center and learn about how they can help when the babies come home.  They are supposed to bring a doll or stuffed animal with them.  I’m thinking of sending Jaden with 3!  I’m hoping it helps, even a little!  I worry about his transition and hope he never feels less loved than he does today.

Tomorrow I have my diabetic appointment to learn how to monitor my blood sugar and poke my finger.   It’s a TWO HOUR LONG APPOINTMENT!  I really hope this nurse has a sense of humor, otherwise it would be a long appointment!   haha  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.  I’m actually looking forward to it a little bit.  It’s been unsettling knowing that there is something wrong with my health the past few days and not really knowing what I can do it help it.

Then in the evening I have an appointment with my OB.  Looking for an update on how long I’ll be able to work from her and another good report on the babies.  I always love visiting my OB 🙂

Everyone has been so supportive with their comments on facebook and on the blog, and I thank you for all the kind words and thoughts!  But what everyone needs to know is no matter how positive I can be or how much I can carry on my shoulders, I’m no different from you.  I have my bad days, my days where I’m sad and I really don’t want to do it anymore.  I have my days where I cry for no reason just because I’m feeling overwhelmed or even lonely.  It’s hard to receive so much praise, when I don’t feel like I’m doing anything but surviving.  I just feel like it would be deserved to call me strong if I chose to have these triplets.  But this was something that was given to me, without my input, and I’m just doing the best that I can to bring three healthy babies into this world.  If you were in my shoes, I’m sure you would be doing the same thing!

This moment of honestly/reflection is most likely driven by my crazy hormones!  I would love to think that everyone else is really just the “bad guy” but in all honesty, it’s only 80% of them being the bad guy and 20% my moods.  ok ok … it’s 50/50.  ok … mostly my hormones.  🙂

Thank you for all of the support and kind words and encouraging messages.  They help keep me going!  The ending is approaching, at the most 7 weeks left.  Wow … and these little men will be in this world.  God is good!


  1. I just want to say, that I think you are an amazing person. I love reading your blogs! They make me laugh, cry, and get excited. I know I am not a close friend, or someone that you have even talked to in who knows how long… I wish you the best, and know that God gave you these babies cause he knows you can do it!! Much love to you and your family and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I know you will do just fine! Love the names you picked out by the way!

    • Thanks Jamie! We DO go way back tho! You are part of many childhood memories for me and for that you will always be special to me!

      Love, Mel

  2. I would definately send Jaden with 3 little ones. You may not feel it at times but you are doing an amazing job!

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