Let the tests begin!

Last Thursday I had two doc appointments – one to learn about being diabetic and the other was my OB.  After my OB appointment, Mom and I had a date to get our nails done for the shower this weekend.

At my morning appointment I learned all about how to count carb servings and how to test my blood sugar levels.  At the time it all made sense, but you know how afterwards you can’t seem to remember a word the person said?  Thank goodness for the packet she sent me home with!  What I had the most trouble with was finding enough to eat to count towards my carbs.  Anything that sounded good is a “free food”, meaning it doesn’t count towards my carb servings.  It’s getting better now.  For example, rather than having a hamburger which counts for 2 carbs (2 for the bun and the meat is free) I have a veggie burger (2 for the bun and 1 for the patty).  That way I’m still getting a protein but I’m not getting too full.

Then I was off to my second appointment of the day … my OB.  Mom offered to go with me, but I told her not to worry, they are always so quick and she should get her grocery shopping done.  Low and behold, the stuff hit the fan a little bit.  My blood pressure was a little high (not enough to cause alarm).  But it was high enough that my doc wanted to test for Preeclampsia.  A nurse came in to see how I was going while they got my blood test ready.  I started to itch my wrist.  The conversation went like this:

Kathy:  Why are you itching?

Me:  Because it itches?

Kathy:  Do you have a rash?

Me: No.

Kathy:  Do your legs or arms itch?

Me: Ummm yes, usually when I go to bed or am siting still for a while.

Kathy:  Be right back!


Turns out being itchy is a sign that my gallbladder isn’t working like it should  The gallbladder takes out the bile out of my blood and when it’s not working correctly, it dumps the bile still in my system into my arms and legs.  Glamorous, right?

Next test … the 24 hour pee test.  If you are weak of stomach, I would suggest just skipping to the next paragraph  🙂  The nurse hands be two large jugs and a “hat”.  The instructions are to urinate into the “hat” and collect all of your pee for 24 hours, using the large jugs.  It must stay refrigerated … that’s right, store this jug of your pee next to your milk and ketchup!  They want to test the amount of protein in my urine to determine if there are other complications.  Oh what fun!  Thank goodness we didn’t have plans for the weekend and I could collect my pee is the peace and quiet of my own bathroom!

Got the test results this afternoon….my pee-pee is high in urine (almost double of what it’s supposed to bed) and my bile acid is elevated.  So I’ll be heading into the doctor right away tomorrow morning.  My OB is in Paris and she made me promise not to have the babies this week … technically speaking I’m still good on my promise!  The slide to the finish ending is getting steeper and steeper!

We should know more after tomorrow’s doc appointment.  Hoping that it can be treated with meds rather than hospital stays or bed rest.  We shall see!  More to come…

Love you all,


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  1. Good luck Mel! You are doing awesome and your little owls are getting stronger everyday. My fingers are crossed for medication treatment rather than hospital.

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