28 & 29 Week Update

We are in month 7!!  Which means:

Baby’s now the size of a squash!
Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to white fat depositing beneath his skin. And since he’s growing so fast (weight will triple by birth), things are getting kind of cramped in the womb. What all this means for you: Get ready for some more kicks and jabs to the ribs.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger .. 53 cms now!  The stretch marks are growing and getting darker.  Sexy….oh baby!  Making babies isn’t all pretty but it’s a job worth giving everything into!

Speaking of jobs, I’m done with Kohl’s now.  After the itchy feet stuff and being so tied, it’s time to call it quits.  I’ll go in on Friday to get a few things (empty my snack drawer and my digital photo frame) and of course say my goodbyes.  I hope I don’t cry … but I’m sure I will!

Also on Friday, we’ve got more doctor appointments.  But first a recap of our appointment today.  We (Doug and I) saw another doc in my OB’s office (while Dr Epperson is in Paris).  The protein levels are elevated but are still in the normal range for being pregnant.  AND while my bile acids are elevated, they are also still within normal range for being pregnant.  However, we need to start Non-Stress Tests and we are going to repeat the potty test (I know you are ALL jealous!) and I had to get my blood drawn again.

Now since I wasn’t seeing my regular doctor I also didn’t have my regular nurse.  This new nurse was a little older and very sweet…. but the woman cannot draw blood!  She pokes me in the right arm and I could feel her digging a little bit.  Then she says “sorry hun, I missed”.  I’m thinking that’s why she was digging.  The needle comes out and look over and the tubes are still empty!!!  WHAT?  So now she’s got to poke me in the left arm too.  She’s got me sitting in the other chair, standing, holding my arm, on with the elastic band, off with the elastic band, on with the elastic band….holy moly!  My regular nurses come in to drop off the jugs for the protein test and they are throwing me glances from the door.  Finally we got the blood and we could head over for the Non-Stress test.  As I’m walking out, Katina was like “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”  haha  She just owes me one now!  She said next time I should just say no and request someone else … I was like I could…..but you know I can’t!  I’d feel horrible!

So we walk over to another office to have a non-stress test done.  There are a series of monitors strapped to my belly, one for each baby’s heart beat and a fourth to monitor if I’m having contractions.  The test is usually 15 mins long …. our took about 2 hours.  Babies were rolling around and kicking and not being very cooperative.  The Nurse Tracy’s hands, arms and back were cramping while she was trying to find all the heart beats for long enough to pass the test.  Baby A started on the right side of my belly and by the end of the test was on the lower left side.  The other good news is that I need to have this test done twice a week from now until the babies come!  Me and Nurse Tracy are going to be very good friends!

Our next appointment is on Friday.  I’ll meet with Tracy again to talk about my diabetes at 9am then seen Dr Miller at 10:30.  We are going to try and do a biophysical profile during my ultrasound.  It’s  an ultrasound test that can tell the same information from a non-stress test.  However, they aren’t sure as the babes might be too little still to have it done this way.  If it doesn’t work then I’ll have a non-stress test again after my apt with Dr. Miller.

Things are really starting to heat up with this pregnancy.  But I would go thru all of these tests again as long as it means my baby boys are healthy and come into this world with the best start possible!  I was lucky to have Doug there with me today.  I know it’s hard to sit in a room for two hours while nurses are trying to get a heart beat and no one is talking to you.  But I hope he knows just how much it meant to me to not have to be alone today.  My best friend was in the room with me and for that I felt 200 times more brave!

Of course I’m a little behind on the belly shots …. so here is 28 & 29 Weeks!

28 Weeks (Jaden took this one!)

29 Weeks

Next posting I hope to have pictures from Mom’s baby shower from Sunday.  Just a little teaser to keep you all reading!

Love you all!  Mel


  1. Love reading the blog. My heart is there for you about leaving Kohl’s. I left a big part of me there when we moved to AZ. I miss all of you dearly still. God has a great plan in store for you and your family. He could not of picked a better person to have three wonderful baby boys. Can’t wait to hear about the shower and hopefully we can catch up soon!

  2. You are looking so good Mel! I can’t believe it! I would be as big as a house by now I think! I can’t believe they are able to move around so much and not the knotted up in each other’s cords…. well move around at all at that! Pregnancy is an amazing thing…Also, I would have had that nurse fired for sure. I don’t understand why they keep nurses on that can’t do their job. There are plenty of nurses out there that want to do OB. Seriously.

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