Medal Baby Shower

The original plan was to have a shower once the babies were born.  However, since my health was going so well we decided to throw it before the babies came!  Mom and Rae threw together this amazing woodland animal themed baby shower in about two weeks!  They worked hard to make it a surprise and make it really special for me.  So when I woke up that morning with my foot red, hot and swollen I was really worried I was going to mess everything up!

Called the OB on call to see if it was something that needed to be checked out.  Dr. Myer said yes I should get it checked out at the ER.  I told him I would do whatever was in the baby’s best interest, but since my shower was at 1pm would it be possible to wait until after the shower.  He said it would be ok to wait!  phew!

Get to the shower and walk down to the “party room” to find all the decorations to be woodland themed, owls all over, pine cones and forest type decorations.  The food and snacks were even made to match the theme!  Everyone was given name tags with owls on them and they were to fill in how they knew me.

We played fun games.  Liar, Liar, Pacifier where Rachael read a fact about either Doug or I and the guests had to guess if it was a truth or a lie.  We found that Doug did not have a stuffed Leopord named fluffy while growing up 🙂 but he did enjoy playing American Gladiators in the living room and jumping down the basement stairs in a single bound.  Moushira’s strategy was to think if Doug would do it as a 27 year old, and if it answer was yes, then it was probably true!  ahh haha  We also tried to guess what everyone’s names meant and present BINGO.

And presents there were!!!  The entire pool table was covered.  It was crazy!  Everyone went nuts-o with the gifts.  Doug and I are so appreciative of all the gifts!  Abby crocheted hats and booties in colors that corresponded to superheroes.  Then had made one-sies with the heroes on them!  The Hulk, Superman and Flash.  I didn’t get the Flash right away, but Jaden did!  Taught well by his daddy.  Rae made hilarious one-sies as well including:

  • 3 kinds of beer
  • paper, rock, scissors
  • Baby A, Baby B, Baby C
  • We are the Little Brothers
  • and others!

Mom Bissing got us cute one-sies that say “handsome like Daddy”.  Mom, Nada and Great Aunt Dar got us the rocking recliner for the nursery.  There were so many other wonderful gifts I could go on forever!

Everyone was also given a Thank You gift – a Douglas Fir tree or a Blue Spruce.  Each tree had a different saying or quote on them.  SO cute!

Click Here for more pictures

It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and family!  Thank you to mom and Rae for pulling of a fantastic shower!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share time with me!

Love, Mel


    • It was ok! Spent 5 hours in the ER to find that it was just a complication of my elevated bile acids. Meds have kicked in and my feet are WAY less itchy!

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