30 Week Health Update

First we are all still healthy.  Second, my cervix continues to shorten.  It went from 2.6cm to 1.6cm this week.  Everything happened quite quickly this morning.  Found out the cervix thing and then the next thing I know, there is a wheel chair waiting for me at the door.  So … I now find myself in a hospital room in the Birthing Center to receive the steroid shot.  This shot is to help give the babies a little boost in the development.  It also makes my blood sugar go a little crazy.  So I’ll spend 24-48 hours here so they can monitor me closely and make sure all is still well.  Totally something we can handle!

Nurse Jean warned me that the steroid shot would burn.  I told her I’d be brave since it was the right thing to do.  But boy was she right!  They give you it in your bum and boy did that booger of a shot burn!   Wowzer!  and I have another one to look forward to tomorrow morning.  Every time these boys complain about getting a shot themselves, I’m going to remind them of these ones I’m getting for them!

We have learned a few things since here.  The non-stress test works a whole lot better when I lay on my right side.  When reclined those little buggers go NUTS!  Also found out that I regularly contract when I drink too much.  So I go to the restroom regularly now  🙂  And although he’ll never confess, Doug likes the Ellen show.

I was so glad that Doug came with me to my appointment this morning.  I would have felt so lost without him!  He went home and grabbed me all my stuff … book, knitting, Nook, fresh undies for the morning.  The boys will stay at home tonight … my health is good, I’ll be brave to spend the night by myself.  Of all the times I’ve been in the hospital, this is the first night staying on my own.  When I had my car accident either Mom or someone stayed with me.  Mom, Rae and Jess took turns when Jaden was born.  And my mom stayed when I had my kidney infection.  I’m really blessed to have so many people who are willing to stay by myself on those awful hospital pull out chairs/couches.

It’s time to order my dinner now!!  Please send “stay preggers” thoughts my way to keep these little men in for a while longer.  Love you all!

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