Hospital Hurdle #1

1 night down … who knows how many to go.  I was slightly confused on what 24-48 hours meant.  It was from the second shot (given this morning) not from when I was admitted  so the earliest I would be going home would be tomorrow or Sunday morning.  They gave me a swab (can’t ever remember how to say it let along spell it) which can help determine if I’ll go into labor within the next two weeks.

The charge nurse and Dr Todd come into the room … yes a male doc to give me this wonderful swab.  This is the very first time I’ve ever had a male doc with this kind of business … and it hurt like nobody’s business!  An hour and a half later, I find out that they didn’t get enough on the swab and we have to do it again!  Ouchie-wa-wa!  All I could think of was “thank goodness I’m not delivering these babies naturally!”  It sounds so wimpy … but I meant it!  I just won’t be sharing that with any of the other mom’s on the floor who are actually going through child-birth.  Low and behold it came back positive.  Which means the possibility of going into labor is higher within the next two weeks.  Doesn’t mean for sure that I will…but I could.  While no one has been able to give me a date to strive for, I’ve been told “I’ve bought myself some more time in the hospital” and Dr. Miller said he would see me on Tuesday when he left.  Awesome.

The on call doc won’t be the one to send me home, they’ll wait until Dr. Epperson is here to make the call.  This also means that since she’s not working this weekend, I’ll be here until at least Monday.  Just making myself comfortable!

Doug brought Jaden up to visit after work today.  It was so wonderful to see my men.  Jaden was super excited to see me and eat dinner in my bed … leaving more crumbs of course.  One of the first things he said to me was that he wasn’t going home tonight and he wanted to sleep over.  When I pointed out that there was only 1 bed and asked where was he going to sleep.  He quickly replied that he would sleep in the chair and be REALLY quiet.  It just broke my heart.

Kids are resilient and he’s not the only 4-year-old learning what it’s like to have siblings, but boy oh boy it breaks my heart.  It hit me really hard tonight too.  Jaden sitting next to me, hugging me so tight begging for five more minutes (which it had already been 30 extra mins).  I cried … I couldn’t help it.  He looked at me and told me he was sad when he left.  I reassured him that he could call me whenever he wanted, he just needed to ask Dad.  And he could come and see me every day!  It didn’t stop my tears tho.  It was the first hard thing I’ve had to face … and it hit me like a wall.  I can’t imagine when there will be four little men who can pull at my heart strings like that.

Katie came to visit just about the same time that the boys where leaving.  My tears were clearly shown on my face and she was reluctant to come in for fear of it being a bad time.  I reassured her it was ok and she should still come to visit.

**Let me give you a little background on my friend Katie.  Her and I met in morning Kindergarten 22 years ago.  Yes … over two decades ago!!  We went to school together thru high school, went our separate ways for college and reunited when I was pregnant with Jaden.  She was the surgical tech in on my c-section.  Then we were both engaged…and we get married on the same day! 9-19-09  We even had similar honeymoons!  Our lives have ran very parallel.  She is a very special woman whom I wish everyone had the opportunity to enjoy.  Neither Katie nor I were of the popular group growing up.  but she has always had a strong sense of what friendship is.  She would give anyone the coat off of her back because it was the right thing to do.  I look back on the years of when we had grown apart and know that it was because I was trying to be in the cool group rather than be a good friend.  Katie is God’s example of what giving and friendship is.

Tonight Katie sat and talked with me for a few hours.  It was light-hearted talks of our husbands and first year of marriage.  But it was EXACTLY what I needed.  In no time I had calmed down about missing my boys and was enjoying her company.  She refilled my water countless times and was so willing to make sure I was comfortable.  After all these years and she was willing to spend hours on her Friday night with me.  How did I get to be so lucky?  Her visit was perfect.  It re-freshened my spirits and I feel prepared for the next few days to come.  Thank you Katie for staying with me and for being you.  I am so happy and so blessed that our lives have crossed again!

Here’s to keeping these babies baking a while longer!  To finding ways of making Jaden feel special and to long lost friends who come into our lives at the most perfect time!

Love, Mel

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  1. Reading about Jaden made me cry. So sweet. I had to ask Brian to explain all the Ob/Gyn stuff to me. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Tell those babies to cook a little longer, Aunt Liz said so! I love you!

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