Busting Out!

I’m busting out of the hospital today!!  They still want to keep a close eye on me and make sure that I’m close the hospital just in case.  So I’ll be staying at my mom’s house rather than going to my house in Sussex.  Still a little hard to see my boys, but WAY better than the hospital!

Last night I went out with a bang!  Rae, Sarah and Abby came to see me.  Oh boy did I laugh!  They brought some games to play.  One was a drawing game.  You were given a topic to draw, for example submarine.  Then you drew your picture for 45 seconds.  Then drew a category card, for example “the heaviest” and we would then vote for the drawing that best fit the category.  Sounds simple enough … but boy oh boy did we have fun with it!  My overnight nurse was joking about us having a party.  But all of the morning nurses and the doc had heard about our party  🙂  leave it to me to be “that” patient!  But honestly, what other patient would I be?  haha!

So the doc orders are to rest and lay around.  I’m not to be going out and about, I’m not to take long showers standing or doing things for myself.  My job is to rest.  I follow-up with my OB on Thursday and then the specialist on Friday.  I asked what were the chances that I’d find myself in the hospital again next weekend and she sort of smiled and said “it’s possible”.  Being 31 weeks preggers with three babies puts more pressure which causes the cervix to thin.  It doesn’t mean I’ll go into labor, but it might.  The good part is that I am not feeling crampy or having contractions.  If I did, it would be a whole other story.

I’m also on insulin for now too.  The steroid shots make my blood sugars go crazy so the insulin helps to regulate that.  Giving myself the shots isn’t so bad.  I just freak myself out right before I do it….usually takes me like three times before I can actually stick myself.  I’m really hoping that if I be good with my diet that they let me stop the insulin.  I have to call in my numbers to the diabetes nurse tomorrow so we shall see!

Three nights in the hospital and I’m home.  Not too bad.  If you need me, I’ll be lying around at Mom’s, resting on the couch and reading my Nook.  Love you all and thank you for the happy thoughts!

Love, Mel

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