How many heart monitors can we fit on Melissa’s belly?

While in the hospital, I get hooked up to a heartbeat monitor every 8 hours or so.  It’s quite the adventure trying to get three babies to cooperate at the same time.  Sometimes we are able to get 20 mins of good reading done in almost 20 mins … other times it takes a good hour.

Each baby gets their own monitor (with jelly of course) and then there is a Toco to monitor for contractions.  So there are four of these things strapped to my belly at once.  Then the nurse tries to find each baby’s heart beat …. ahhhh hahahahaha.  It’s just about impossible to get all three of them cooperating at once.  Baby A and B always have heart beats so close to each other the nurse sits and ponders if she is picking up the same baby.  Baby C is pretty good … just hangs out there and rocks on the heart beats.  Baby A is so low, when he thrashes around he rocks my whole pelvis.  Which gets Baby B to kick back.  I think A and B are going to be in ka-hoots when they come out!

When all is said and done (they have 20 mins of each baby tracing) we detach all the crazy monitors and wipe my belly clean.  I haven’t gotten sick of it yet.  In fact it’s almost reassuring to hear the good reports and the babies are still happy in there.  I’m sure when it’s been a week or longer of doing this three times a day it’ll be a different story.

Keep up the good work Owen, Weston and Logan!

Love, Mel

Each computer can only trace 2 babies at a time, so I need 2 computers to trace all of these babies!

Four of these go on my belly at once:


  1. Hey kid, hang in there-you are almost done. Can’t wait to see these little buggers. So glad to see your blogs. Doug looks great as Billy Mays. Happy Halloween and we are all praying for you. From Nya: I think your baby’s initials spelling OWL is soooo cool. From Abby & Nya: Can’t wait to babysit. See you soon. Love the Pulaski Matuszak Clan.

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