Hospital Stay Day 2 Update

Happy Friday everyone!  I have totally lost my sense of time, so it sort of feels like Saturday today haha.  I had many visitors today which made things go by SO fast.  Jessica came from work over her lunch break.  Rae and Abby came for a day full of movies.  Mom and Jake brought up Jaden for a nice visit.  Sarah soon caught up with Rae and Abby.  Doug came after work and Jenny Mell stopped on her way out to Occonomoc.  That’s a lot of visitors!   But to me it’s evidence of blessed I am to have such great friends/family.

When Jaden was here he sent e-mails to his friends at school on pink post-it notes.  They are currently stuck all over my closet.  They he crawled up into bed with me and we watched cartoons together.  I really miss and LOVE my cuddle time!

This morning I went over to see Dr. Miller (specialist).  Babies are all doing really well!  They all broke 4lbs!!  Dr. Miller also busted me for getting my nails done when I was “at home on bed rest”  whoops!

I’ve been having some back and right hip pain.  We think it might be some back labor so when it happens again I need to pay attention if it’s rhythmic and ask the nurse to hook me up to the contraction monitor.  I asked when we would check how dilated I was but they said they wouldn’t check again.  We are just going to wait and see if I go into labor.  It’s sort of interesting not to know if things are progressing or not.  I go back to see Dr. Miller again next week Friday.

The doc on call checked in on me today too.  I told him about my back/hip pain and he mentioned a massage … so he ordered me a massage!  HELLO??  that’s amazing!  I didn’t know they could do that!  Not sure when it’s ordered for, but he ordered it today.  Can we say spoiled?

Doug won his Halloween costume contest at work!!!  $300 baby!  I think we are going to buy a freezer with it for when I nurse and when we have 4 teenage boys to feed.  I was so proud of him and his costume was so good!  He sounded just like Billy Mayes!

Mom took Jaden to his Pumpkin Patch party at Kohl’s daycare today.  I got the report that he was really happy to see his friends and spent most of the time talking and socializing with his teachers and friends.  He had fallen asleep when mom drove him out there so she grabbed three costumes for him (not knowing which he’d want to wear).  As it turns out he wore all three of them!  He’d wear one for a while and then change into the next and then the next.  I wish I could have been there to see it!

Tomorrow is Trick or Treating.  Doug is going to take Jaden around by my mom’s I think.  Then my boys will come up to have a sleepover with me!  I can’t wait to have my boys all night long!  We’ve got the video camera charged so Doug can video tape a little bit.  I’m sure I’ll watch that right away when they get here.

Time to have the babies on the monitor again…and my hip is starting to ache again.  Sleep tight everyone!  Love you all!


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  1. Hi Melissa,

    The photos of you and Jaden on this post are so cute! The names you picked out for the babies are adorable too! Your blog is so exciting – 3 new lives at once!

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