Hospital Update – Day 7

Contractions have slowed down.  They gave me a medicine to help calm an “irritable uterus.”  It won’t stop true labor but had calmed down the contractions.  I feel a million times better than two nights ago!  Dr. Epperson just came in and confirmed that we are just going to wait again.  As long as the babies are still happy and I’m not contracting then we wait.

It’s such an emotional roller coaster!  When we were having contractions, I was scared and didn’t feel ready at all!  When I started feel better, I felt anxious for the next step.  Wondered what was going to happen next and just wanted answers.  And now, I feel sort of let down.  The drama happened and I was getting all ready for the big event and now…nothing again.  But it’s for the best.  It’s all for these babies.

It’s time to re-group and get ready for a longer stay.  I’ve become obsessed with the series Dexter.  I’m on episode 5 of Season 2 already.  When I get thru the rest of the seasons on Netflix I’m going to feel so lost!

So far I’ve had tons of visitors and the company is wonderful!  Thank you to everyone who took some time to visit.  It means the world to me!

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress and status!

Love, Mel

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  1. so excited for you and your fam. i’ve loved reading your story! you all are in my thoughts- your positive attitude is amazing! xoxo

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