Greatest Breakfast!

After blogging last night, Nurse Nicole came in to monitor the babies. I ordered Nachos as a nighttime snack at 10pm so they would arrive around the same time we were finishing up monitoring. (Pretty great planning, right?)  Well, when we started to monitor the babies, I started to have contractions again. This time they were a bit more intense … sort of took my breath away. We hooked me up to the IV again to hydrate me and I laid on my left side.

Needless to say … I couldn’t eat my nachos – just in case we ended up having a c-section during the night. I told Nurse Nicole to at least find a good home for them. Don’t let them go to waste – if I can’t eat them, someone else should be able to enjoy them! And if she was going to throw them away, lie to me! Don’t let me know that the deliciousness of salty chips and fake cheese went to waste!

I slept thru the night just fine. No more contractions. Had just a few this morning when I was being monitored again. It seems that they kick in when laying on my back. Dr Epperson came in this morning to check on me. She said she wasn’t happy that they were getting stronger, but she measured and I’m still only 4cm. So we play it day by day …

That means I get to order breakfast … and you KNOW what that means! NACHOS for breakfast! and let me tell you … they are delicious! I threw in a yogurt for good measure.

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  1. HAHA! That’s great! I thought it was hilarious the crap that they have on the hospital menu when our state of the art heart clinic was just built across from our maternity building. They just need more patients to use the facility I think.

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