Today’s Visitors

Today’s visitors were a blast from the past … not to mention a gas-t!  Get it?  I rhymed?  haha I’m lame … I added a random T.  An old friend and the very first person I ever met at St. Norbert College, Jenifer (Pracher) Wessels came to visit today.  Mom was still here and we spent an hour or two catching up, watching Oprah go camping and laughing …. hard!  Ummm she brought in a scrapbook magazine which I’m SO excited to look thru and a little scared to cuz I’ll wanna craft!

The two of us hung out until Roz (also known by less cool people as Sarah) came to join.  The girls went out and brought back Noodles for us to enjoy.  What a college flash back!  That’s pretty much the only place I went to each out at in college.  By this time the boys had joined us.

Jaden wanted bacon in the worst way!  So I called down and ordered a few pieces for him .. it took FORTY FIVE mins to bring up four pieces of bacon.  Phew!  Jaden loved being the center of attention and showing off for the girls.  Then came the japanese between Jaden and Doug … and the belly laughs.  The video says it all!

I think it’s hilarious how for a few seconds I only got Doug’s booty shaking in the camera.

Then it was time to say goodnight.  Jaden of course wasn’t really excited about leaving, but with some luck and encouragement we finally got him in his coat and shoes.  He gave me a huge kiss goodbye and him and Doug left.  And wouldn’t you know….the little man came running back into the room 30 seconds later with that smile on his face for “one more kiss”.  Doug followed behind.  Pretty sure he pulled an escape and came running back.  I promised him I’d wave thru the window and told him to look for me.  With another kiss he was off with Doug again.

Watching the two boys walk out of the building is adorable!  Doug, with his long smooth stride.  And Jaden with his little feet running 100 miles an hour under his little body.  With help from Doug he found my window and waved really big.  Then he started off running back towards the hospital!!  I guess he wanted “one more kiss” again.  Doug had to jog to catch up to him … he made it pretty far before being caught.

I talked to Jaden all the way home.  He wanted to know why I was still in the hospital and when I would be able to come to our house.  Breaks my heart every time he asks.  He’s being a good sport about it all, but I know it’s still tough on him.  Then he asked what the babies were going to eat.  We spent about 15 mins going thru how they would first drink a bottle, then mushy cereal.  Maybe then they’d have some Cheerios and then finally they could eat regular food.  It was so cute how interested Jaden was.  He’s going to be a great big brother!

Tomorrow is the Big Brother/Sister class!  I gave Jaden the assignment to pick out three stuffed animals to bring.  He already picked out the Elmo doll that sings the ABCs.  I secretly can’t wait to see what else he picks out!  With all the craziness with contractions, I hope they still let me go.  Otherwise I know Doug will do great in the class with him!

Tomorrow I’m also decorating more treats for my nurses.  Earlier this week Mom baked brownie bites and brought the fixings to the hospital.  My nurses have been so great to me, I wanted to find a way that I could still thank them.  I know I’m not doing the hardest part (baking) but I’m still helping in creating a treat for them.  Here are a few pictures of when I decorated the brownie bites:

Nurse is going to come in any minute to monitor the babies for the night.  I better sign off.  A huge thank you to Jen, Roz and Jason for visiting tonight!  I had so many great laughs!

Love, Mel

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