A little secret…

I’ll let you all in on a little secret … I miss being home.  I’m ok being in the hospital because I know it’s best for both me and the babies.  Besides, if I were at home, every little pinch would get me thinking I was having contractions.  Here, they can just hook me up to a machine and things are good.  But I miss family dinners at the table and bedtime with Jaden.   I look forward to seeing Doug and Jaden each night … even though it’s only for an hour or two.  I’m holding strong and loving the visitors.  They help the time pass.  Just wish being in the hospital didn’t mean that I had to miss my family so much.

Thank goodness the nurses are so nice and my mother comes every afternoon!  If I were smart I would probably enjoy the quiet time a little more knowing that once the triplets come, there won’t be a quiet time in the next 18 years!

My spirits are high and my health is in check … I just love and miss Doug and Jaden so much!

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  1. Hi Mel, Nya and Abby can’t wait until the boys are born. They ask every day how you are and if we have any owls yet? Thank you so much for your blog. We feel like we are right there with you. Rock on Sister!

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