Big Brother Class

When mom came to visit me this afternoon, I pretty much fell asleep right away.  I got hooked up to the baby heart monitor and, for whatever reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I slept thru the entire time I was on the monitor.  I woke up towards the end.  Baby A had a heart beat of about 170, which is quite high.  Nurse Jodi explained that it could be a sign of infection.  So they ordered a blood test and made a quick appointment at the PAC for me (with the specialist doctor).  All the tests came back ok … babies are good!

All I could think today was “I can’t have the babies today … I’ve got my PAC appointment tomorrow morning.  And if we have babies tonight, then I won’t have my appointment!”  I still got my PAC appointment, but a little early.  As odd as it sounds, I wasn’t ready for it!  I had cookies I was going to decorate and bring over for them.  And since I slept all afternoon, I didn’t decorate them.  Come to find out Dr Miller wasn’t there anyways.  I think I’ll decorate them tomorrow and deliver them on my once a day wheel chair ride.

While at the PAC, it was a party …. of course!  I told Caryn about the “Jesus lights” in the room.  They are two spot lights that shine SO bright directly at the bed!  When Rae found the switch to turn them on they blinded me!  Why on earth are they shining high enough to blind me?  Shouldn’t they be lower? … just saying ….  We then found out that there is a magic wand that controls the spot light.  Nurse Colleen said that it was her wand … and I couldn’t have it.  I think we should get a nurse in on a little prank, get a hold of the wand, take a picture of me with the wand and then tape it to her locker!  We all laughed.  It was at this point that we realized this poor guy, who was trying to draw my blood, was the only male in the room with five women!!  He sort of blushed and said that it sounded like the light at the end of the tunnel for babies.   hahaha

Tonight was the Big Brother/Sister class … finally!  Jaden came busting in thru my door carrying his three chosen stuffed animals.  I was allowed to go in a wheel chair and only as long as I didn’t feel any contractions.  I made it about 45 mins thru the class and started to feel tight, so Doug took me back.  When we first got to the class, Jaden was so proud in telling the whole room that he was having triplets!  He was also “that” kid in the circle … throwing his Panda in the air, interrupting the teacher to tell her stuff.  He was so excited … probably going to be a class clown.  The other kids were slightly shy and you could tell they were nervous.  But not Jaden!  He learned how to put a diaper on his panda.  Doug and I offered to help him, but Nooooo he wanted the teacher to help him.  What a booger.  When I left they were getting ready to watch a short movie.  Then the boys came back to the room and Jaden and I colored a picture he got.  It was all too soon before they needed to head home for showers and bed time.

So no babies yet … but they are coming.  It’s only a matter of time.  I’m getting less nervous and more excited to meet them!  Boy is our life going to change when the owls decide to enter the world.  Watch out world … here come the Bissing Boys!

Love, Mel

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