30 Years of Marital Bliss

There were no babies today, BUT it was Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary!  Rae and I did the best we could to make it special, even though I’m stuck in the hospital.  We had the family for dinner in my room.  Rachael picked up Mama Mia’s for dinner.  Jaden was having so much fun – running around, playing with his YaYa.  Overall I think it was a success!  I wish I could take credit for it, but it was really all Rae.  She did all the running and organizing.  Thank you Rae!

Dad got Mom an anniversary band with three diamonds to symbolize us three kids.  The pictures below show a perfect story of how the gift opening went.  Bottom line, mom loved the gift and dad really spoiled mom!  They sure do make a cute couple!

“I thought it was just a red bag from Walgreens!”

“Oh my!

“I can’t believe you did this!”

Here are some more pictures from the night:

Proof of mom and dad’s anniversary dinner – it’s only missing a candle!

Hanging out on the couch together

It was a great family night!  When it was time for Doug and Jaden to leave, it was pretty sad.  It’s the true proof that this is harder on Jaden than he lets on most times.  He’s so happy to run around the room and he tells me crazy stories on the phone.  But when it’s time to leave after a two-hour visit, you’d think he was only here for 5 mins.  Made me get a little teared up tonight.  That little man and his smile have been my entire world for the last four years.  It’s the longest we have EVER been away from each other.  It’s inevitable that he feels some sort of loneliness with this whole triplet thing, but it still breaks my heart.  I think Mom is going to pick him up from school early one day so Jaden and I can have an extra long visit.  I’m hoping to be able to take him on a walk outside in my wheelchair.  I just think it would be fun.

Mom & Dad – Congratulations on 30 years of marriage!  Here’s to another 30!

Love, Mel

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