False Alarm #86,000

So really … it’s been three false alarms.  But it might as well be 86,000!  The emotional roller coasters are nuts!

Yesterday, Doug and Jaden were still here from their sleepover.  It’s the first one Doug has been able to experience first hand.  First, I started to feel crampy.  Then the contractions start.  I was really feeling those contractions too!  The nurse checked me and she thought I was about 4.5 cm dilated.  So we got an IV started, made phone calls to our immediate family, they called in Dr. Epperson.  Since Mom and Dad Bissing were driving down from Green Bay, we called them, gave them all the information.  Knowing it wasn’t set in stone, they started to drive down.  If the doc called it off they would just be turning around.  We really thought it was the real thing.  Doug proceeded to clean my hospital room.  I’m not really surprised by this, are you?  I love my Type A personality husband!  And Jaden asked for bacon over and over again.  I wasn’t really surprised by this either.  Dr. Epperson came in to check me and she says there really isn’t a change in my dilation, and now we wait again.  WHAT?  All this hype to come crashing down in 30 seconds.  Mom and Dad Bissing were already in Oshkosh!! But a few more days in the belly is better than the NICU (I keep telling myself this …)

Dad and Jake came by to visit before heading to the Packer game yesterday afternoon.  I again started to have contractions.  The kind that made me curl my toes, breath really deep and gave me the chills.  Again, I thought we were going to see a change in the dilation.  NOPE!  Another let down.

Mom, Rae and Sarah came to visit me after the boys left to run their errands and get ready for bed.  After Mom left, and right before the girls were going to leave the contractions started AGAIN!  I was so uncomfortable.  They were almost stabbing.  The nurse called Dr. Epperson and the girls were so good to me they waited to see what might or might not happen.  The nurse checked me and still no changes!  I was fed up with the day and when the girls left, I went to sleep.

Now it’s Monday morning and I slept alright … But I’m a little crampy again and feel another contraction episode might be starting.  November 8th would be a good day to have these babies … Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding Anniversary!  But who knows … I don’t want to get my hopes up in case it’s just going to be another day of false alarms.  But on the other hand I don’t want to be caught off guard.  Not to mention, I ran out of Dexter episodes to watch online … so I’m pretty lonely during the day now.  I’ve got to wait for the discs to show up from Netflix, which I think will be Wednesday.

These little owls are already teaching me that they now run my schedule  🙂  I’ll try to keep everyone updated if we do end up having these babies today or tomorrow.  Things get pretty crazy around here when they think something might be happening.  Thank you for all of your thoughts!  Love you all!

Love, Mel

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