THE Batman Blanket

Way back when we first found out we were pregnant, Abby started working on a gift for Jaden.  I wasn’t 100% sure what it was … but I was pretty sure it was a crocheted blanket.  I was right!  This weekend Abby brought her finished blanket to give to Jaden.  Sometimes Jaden can be a little moody so I wanted to make sure we gave it to him on a “good” night.  He was SO excited!  He wrapped himself up in the blanket and danced around the room.

What a special gift for Jaden.  Abby is quite the amazing auntie!  Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!!

The rest of that night was so much fun!  We had Doug with the girls goofing off.

We had Jaden playing with the rubber band thing I’m supposed to be using for physical therapy.

And we had me riding my bed like a wild bull!  You can’t really tell by the picture, but the bed is lifted really high (a couple of feet off of the ground).

It was a crazy fun night in the hospital with good friends.  How can it be fun if it’s not a little crazy, right?

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