Week 33 Update

I’m not sure anyone really thought I would make it this far once I was dilated and in the hospital.  The false alarms also led us to believe that these little ones were breaking out.  But here I am … still pregnant!  Now start the jokes of how we can get labor going and of course the bets on when they really are coming.  I say the next few days are all good … they’ve got great birthdays!

  • 11-9-10
  • 11-10-10
  • 11-11-10
  • 11-12-10

After that the birthdays just aren’t’ that great …  Who knows, I’m such a freak of nature, I’ll still be pregnant at Christmas!

I’m dilated to about 5 cms now, but not contracting.  So we are waiting for more of a progressive labor before we deliver.  Each morning I wake up hoping today will be the day!  I’m still on bed rest, so I’ve been laying around and watching TV.  It’s funny as I have tons of projects to work on – Thank You notes, work on my scarf, gifts, creating the blog book.  But I just don’t have the motivation to do them.  I’m turning into a vegetable!

My belly measures 59 cm!!  Thank goodness for the Plus size maternity shirts … those are barely fitting these days!

Rae brought me a present too!  A princess crown.  I think I get a little sassy when I wear it too 🙂

My nurses, mom, Rae, Doug and me have been brainstorming ways to get the babies to come faster.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Salsa dance in my huge room
  • Walk laps back and forth
  • Hide my anti-contraction meds like a psych patient would
  • Hit every bump on my wheel chair rides
  • Better yet, instead of going on a wheel chair ride, push my wheel chair around the hospital
  • Eat spicy food like Dad’s chili
  • Mom says some kind of oil and root beer is supposed to work

Those are just a few!  Dr. Akea came to check on me this afternoon.  I told the doc how miserable and how uncomfortable I am.  I even reenforced that even though I was laughing and smiling while I said it I really meant it!  She smiled and encouraged me to talk to Dr. Epperson tomorrow to pin point a more solid plan of action.  She then reminded me that every extra day in the womb is one less day in the NICU.  At this point I’m ok with the NICU!  I mean, come on, they have the best docs and nurses there!  Right?

As much as I complain or joke about wanting the babies out and as much as I really mean that I want the babies out, I still want them to come on their own time.  They should come at the “right” time.  Who am I to say that they are ready?  I can’t even see them!  I just don’t want to force something.  What I really want are these contractions to kick in and the docs to make the call.  I had one contraction while playing cards with Rae and I got SO excited.  That was it though … one contraction.

Thank goodness for my visitors!  They all keep me sane!  The mornings are so sluggish and yucky.  Then when my visitors come, the whole day gets better!  Mom and Rachael make me laugh SO hard!  They usually play a game or two of cards with me (even though they LOOSE!).  Tonight she cut out a little early since Brittany, Rae, Doug and Jaden were all there.  We were in the middle of a game so I think she just forfeit (afraid of loosing again haha)!  Visitors are the very best part of my day!  Thank you to everyone who has spent some time with me.  You all have made each day a little brighter and me a little happier.

Love you!


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