Baby Progress

I know I still owe you all our baby story.  Doug and I have been working on capturing all the details of the day and will post soon!

We’ve been going down the NICU every morning, afternoon and evening.  The first night we were able to hold Logan for just a little bit.  The next day we held Weston for a little bit.  Finally we were able to hold Owen for a little bit last night.

Logan and Weston are all breathing on their own and doing pretty well with sucking and swallowing.  Doug was able to feed Logan yesterday and I fed Weston today!  Weston sucks down his milk so fast he forgets to breathe!  I had burped Weston twice already during his feeding and he stopped sucking again.  Doug whispered over my shoulder that he thought Weston needed to be burped again.  I told him how much I love him telling me how to feed since I kept my mouth shut when it was his turn.  As soon as I sat Weston up, he let out a rip roaring belch!  Looks like Doug was right …  He’s so tiny!  I couldn’t tell if he looked more like a caterpillar, large vegetable or a small turtle without his shell.

Owen seems to be a little behind his brothers a little bit.  He’s still getting a little help breathing with some oxygen.  And since he still as that tube, he has been gavage feeding and not able to try the bottle yet.  Tonight when we were visiting, his IV kept getting kinked.  The nurse was trying to get it fixed and re-taping it and all you could hear was Owen whining and whimpering.  He sounded more like a crying cat than baby!  So cute but heart breaking all the same.

All of the warming beds in the NICU have a donated blanket on top that we get to take home with the babes.  Today, someone dropped off three blankets that all sort of matched each other – airplanes!  So we swapped out the original blankets with the plane ones … and now they all match with slight variations.

Here are some updated photos without the crazy breathing tubes.  You can see their faces better.

Mom holding Logan

Mom holding Weston – Weston says “no pictures please”

Dad holding Weston

Big Brother Jaden rubbing Logan’s head.  He is SUCH a proud big brother and asks to hold/touch his babies every day.  It’s great to see him so excited to be involved.

I asked Jaden if he was going to help change Owen’s diapers …. this was his response:

Logan with his eyes open

Jaden with little brother Weston

Holding Owen.

Both Doug and I were able to hold him.  He started to breathe really fast towards the end, so the time was cut a little short and we got him back in his incubator quickly.  He wasn’t hurting, just struggling to breathe a little. By laying him down on his tummy, gravity helped him and his breathing slowed down right away.

Check out how small the bottles are!  They are drinking about a teaspoon or two at a time.  That’s it!

There hasn’t been talk about when the boys will be able to come home.  All three boys are making progress.  We don’t anticipate it being a super long stay in the NICU, however kids surprise us both ways (getting out sooner than expected or taking longer than expected).  A NICU nurse said it the best I think.  Prepare physically for them to come home soon and prepare emotionally for them to come home later.  As far as me coming home, I can go home either tomorrow or Sunday.  I’m leaning towards Sunday only because we have so much wonderful help here, I’m sleeping well in the hospital bed and we are close to the babies and are able to visit whenever we like.  Jaden is doing well at Yaya and Pa’s and wants to sleep over one more night.  Not to mention it’s like a date night each night for Doug and I.  Once our visitors leave, we head down to see the babies for about an hour.  Then we come back and both sit in the hospital bed to eat snacks and watch a show together.  It’s been pretty cozy here!

So everyone is doing well!  We’ll post a recap of the boy’s birthday soon and I’ll do my best to keep posting pictures!

Thanks for all the great messages!  We love you all!


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  1. Congratulations Mel and family! Your babies are adorable. What a ride it has been huh? And now it’s time to get on a whole different ride with 3 little ones. How amazing!

    Love you!

    – Kim

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