Cool Dudes!

All three of the babes have high Bilirubin levels so they need a little photo light therapy.  Check out the sunglasses!



He’s so relaxed and chill, laying on his back, hands on his legs.  Cool Dude!


I was holding Weston right before this picture was taken.  He spit up on me really good twice!  First one to make a mess on Mom!

Doug and I will be staying one more night in the hospital and will be discharged tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to being home again. It’s been over a month since I was there!  Jaden is coming up to the hospital for a visit soon.  He’s then going to see a movie with Pa and Yaya.  Doug and I have a date night – bath time with Weston at 6pm!

Looking forward to being home with Jaden!  It’ll be interesting on how we are going to be able to divide our time.  I won’t be able to drive for another 2 weeks or so because of my pain meds.  I’ll be dependant on others to bring me to visit for a while.  We also have the option to take a board room and stay here too.  It’s free for parents to stay while their babies are in the NICU.  Or we can stay with Mom and Dad for a while.

Alright … back to Dexter!  I got the first DVD of season 3 in the mail from Netflix.  Doug even likes the show (a little).

Love you all! Mel

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