Dress Up Day!

When Doug and I got to the NICU today we were surprised to find all the boys dressed!  No more naked diaper bodies in those little incubators.



I thought it perfect he has cameflauge on since he’s been such a fighter since born.


We were also pleasantly surprised to find that all three were breathing on their own and all three lost their IVs!  Owen is like a black horse, coming from behind and catching up to his brothers.  Both Doug and I were lucky enough to give a feeding today too.

Yaya showed up at the perfect time and took a turn holding Owen and Logan.  She’s the first person, other than Doug and I, to hold the babes.  Lucky lucky!

Doug only has one more day of vacation before returning to work.  I secretly wish he could be on a permanent vacation so we could hang out all the time.  I’m sure it would be old after a while … it’s just that life has been so perfect this past week, I don’t want anything to change.  I’m also a little afraid of being alone again.  That bed rest thing got a little old – and this time there aren’t fun nurses to break up the day.  I’ll spend time up at the NICU and will also have more time to hang out with mom when she gets out of work.  The babies have brought so much joy into our lives and have brought Doug, me and Jaden so much closer.  I don’t want one thing to change … except that the triplets come home of course.

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