I’m a milk making – breast pumping machine these days!  Having to pump every two hours for 15 mins only gives me an hour and 45 mins between each pumping.  The amazing part is that I’m able to feed all three boys on my milk alone!  No formula at all!  In fact, we are freezing milk!  Who on earth thought it would ever be possible to feed three babies at once?

I had a few issues in the beginning.  I got this special cream from a compound pharmacy.  Other new mom’s raved about it.  I’m hoping it does the trick.

We counted today … I made 30 bottles in the last 24 hours.  The nurses in the NICU are impressed with my milk making capabilities.  They said that in the last 10 years they haven’t seen a mom of triplets be able to produce enough milk like I have been able to be.  Looks like I might have found my calling!

I hope I’m able to continue this when the babes come home.  I’ve heard it’ll just be another mouth to feed and a lot of mom’s give up quickly.  I can already picture it now … hooked up to the pump with one of those handless bra things, feeding a baby a bottle with each hand.  Oh man…talk about multi tasking!

We’ll see how it goes when they come home.  For now, just call me Bessy!
Love, Mel


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