Progress Update

Logan and Owen are doing well and making lots of progress!  We got a call today that Weston might be sick.  He’s got bloody poo which could be stomach infection, virus or maybe a milk allergy.  We should know more tomorrow.  He’s getting antibiotics tonight so we are hoping to see improvement with his belly scan in the morning.  That means it really is just a virus/infection and not something bigger.

This is the second time milk allergy has come up.  First with Owen when he wasn’t digesting all of his feedings and now Weston.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think that these kids could have allergies like Jaden.  Doug reassures me that they don’t.  If they did it would be one of my deepest fears coming true.

Nurses say that it’s totally possible that Logan and/or Owen could come home as early as Thanksgiving.  It’s just hard to tell since things can change so quickly.

We are SO not ready for them to come home….carpet in the basement isn’t installed until Friday and the house is still a mess.  Doug and I are trying to work thru it … but man it’s a lot of stuff to sort thru!  I feel like myself again, but need to remember I just had surgery and don’t have the energy I wish I had.  It’s hard to remember to do the little things like eat breakfast.  With all this breastfeeding and milk making I need to eat and drink tons of water!

Moral of the story, we are doing well and holding on for the ride!  I can’t imagine how things are going to change when these babes are actually home!

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