2 Boys Become Men!

First off, Weston is doing much better today!  The antibiotics seem to be working as his scan didn’t show any signs of infection today.  They are going to keep him on the IV for another 4-5 days to give his tummy a rest.  They’ll start him on what’s called TPN – basically it’s a meal in a bag.  Gives him the nutrients he needs and helps him to continue to gain weight.  He seemed a whole lot happier today when I was visiting.

My other two boys became little men today.  Their wieners were whacked.  They were circumcised.  Just another step closer to coming home!  They are still on track to come home soon … yikes!  They didn’t circumcise Weston since he’s already having a hard enough time.  They’ll give him a break and do his when he’s feeling better.

Owen has gone over 36 hours without a gavage feeding!  He doesn’t have the tube in his nose anymore.  Ok – he ripped it out.  But the nurses didn’t put it back in since he’s doing so well.  Logan has gone about 24 hours without a gavage feeding.  Should he be a little rascal and rip his out too, they most likely wouldn’t put it back in either.  Little stinkers are getting so big and so smart.  I’m so happy they are doing so well!

Milk Update:  I’ve now got 5 trays of frozen bottles!!  The picture below shows what one of them looks like.  And it’s only been just under two weeks.  Aye karumba!  Can you imagine what it would be like if I was only feeding ONE baby?

Love, Mel

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