A Lot to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

We got great news this morning!  Not only is Weston doing much better, his brothers are ready to come home on Thanksgiving!  It’s not a 100% positive ship home date … things sometimes change, but it’s looking pretty good!

Doug had his ESP working again.  He wanted to take Wednesday as a vacation day and I was nervous about using up his days off before the babies even came home.  Good thing he did!  Now we have a whole day together to get ready.  Right now, you could gently toss the babes into their cribs.  There is stuff everywhere!  So our priorities for tomorrow are to clean up the nursery, at least enough that you can get babies in and out of the crib and change a diaper!  I’d also like to clean the fuzz out of my bath room and run a dust rag around the living room.

I know the babies won’t mind the fuzz, but it’ll just make me feel a little bit better.

When visiting the boys in the NICU today, I made sure to give Weston a pep talk.  Not to worry, I’ll still visit every day and to make sure he got what he needed to get done so he could come home too!  He gave me a great smile!

Mr. Owen was wide awake after I fed him today!  He’s now a whole ounce bigger than Logan!

Last thing to do before we bring the Logan and Owen home is to be CPR certified.  Doug and I will go tomorrow during the day at some point.  The boys also have to pass their car seat test.  We should know tomorrow morning if they passed.  (I’m sure they did!)  Then it’s smooth sailing home!!

The Bissing family has A LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Love, Mel


  1. Aaawww – congratulations Mel and Doug. I’m so glad that the triplets are doing well and what a great day to be thankful! You guys are going to do awesome – Mel if you need help with the fuzz thing let me know; I’m off the rest of the week and one day in the future when you are up for vistors let me know. 🙂

  2. A friend of mine posted your story on Facebook as a prayer request. I’ve been reading your updates and happened to click on this post. I’m praying you’re even more thankful to God this Thanksgiving as you look back on these past few days. I also saw here that you were CPR certified and am so thankful that you had that training to be able to help Owen before the paramedics arrived. God is aware of every detail of your sweet child’s life. I’m praying for you even though we’ve never met.

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