Thanksgiving 2010

We had A LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Jake & Rachael are in NY for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We watched the Northstar Band on TV yesterday morning.  Weston is on the mend and should be back to feeding today!  Logan and Owen made their trip home yesterday (Thanksgiving Day).

The pick up was probably the most stressful pick up in the history of Waukesha Memorial Hospital!  Doug and I were nervous about hearing all of the discharge paperwork and Jaden didn’t have a nap.  Jaden was climbing on stools to see in the bassists and grabbing stethoscopes.  Clearly this didn’t go over well with Doug.  We all went out to the car to install the car seat bases and Jaden was goofing off again and gave Doug a blood blister.  Oh man … that was NOT pretty!  We all took really big deep breaths and re-set.  Things went a little better after that.  The minivan is really packed with just two car seats.  This is going to be NUTS with all three car seats in there!  I could barely get into the back bench I’m not sure how I’m going to snap them in.

Mom and Dad brought over a wonderful steak dinner.  We all spent the night together, celebrating two of the triplets being home!

The babes eat every four hours so that gives us “a lot” of down time.  We gave them a feeding at 9pm so that meant the next one was at 1am.  Doug said he would take that feeding on his own and I said I would take the one after that so we both could get a chunk of sleep.  At 2:30am Logan was up screaming again.  I got up to give him his nook  and pump.  Well, apparently when it was time for their 4am feeding, I told Doug in my sleep that it was his turn since I just pumped.  Whoops!  I felt bad when I heard that this morning.  Looks like I need to switch to baby night time mode.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep our babies safe and helped get Owen and Logan home safe!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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