We’ve had a few visitors since the Logan and Owen have been home.  It’s been so exciting to finally introduce two of our babies to friends and family.

Friday night, Sarah and Abby came over after their Black Friday shopping.  (First time in 4 years I haven’t gone!  It just didn’t feel right with Rae being in NY.  Oh yea and i had two newborns at home hehe.)  Sarah keeps spoiling me with gifts – she’s nuts and wonderful all at the same time  🙂  I got owl pjs and a sweet mom planner (with stickers!).  Abby brought over owl hats she made by hand.  This girl is talented!  I’ve been eyeing up hats similar on – they sell for about $30 a pop!  The ones that Abby made are way better!  I think she could sell these hats instead of teaching summer school this year!  How did I get so lucky to have friends like these girls?  Oh yea, Rachael was kind enough to share her friends with me  🙂

They are a little big …. hat photographed on Logan

Dad Bissing and Eric came on Saturday to move our stuff into the basement now that it’s finished.  Doug was tricky and got them both to hold a baby.  I thought Eric might go into cardiac arrest, he was SO nervous!

Grandpa Bissing & Logan

Eric & Owen

Also on the visitor list was Jess, Angie and Carrie.  We are so blessed to have wonderful friends!

Angie (Owen on the Left & Logan on the Right)

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