Mr. Naughty Pants

Jaden’s bed time has become quite interesting.  I’m not sure if he’s looking for attention or doesn’t have enough time to clam down after school or maybe he’s just part imp.  But he turns into Mr. Naughty Pants when the clock strikes eight.

Sunday night I went to bed at 6:30pm cuz I came down with mastitis and had a terrible fever.  When I woke up for a pumping Doug filled me on Jaden’s bed time that night.  He heard Jaden’s door shut and thought that the babies were too loud so Jaden closed his door for some quiet. When he poked his head in on him, he found Jaden sitting in bed … wait for it … playing with PLAY-DOH!  Doug said absolutely not and began to help Jaden clean it up.  When he had all the dough in the container he realized that the container was much to big for such a little ball of dough.  That’s when he looked on the other side of the bed to find it all over the carpet!!!  Oh naughty naughty!  Doug didn’t even yell ( I would have woken up for sure).  But rather he turned off the nightlight and told Jaden he was disappointed.  That morning at 4am when I was feeding the babies, Jaden woke up and laid with me for a little bit.  When I got him back to bed, he said in the sweetest voice that he was sorry about the Play-Doh.  My heart sort of melted.  I figured it was one night of testing his limits.

Then last night, when I laid down next to him for story time, I laid on something hard under the covers. Then I pulled it out, it was his gum ball machine … empty!  The night before it had been filled with Skittles.  I asked him why it was in his bed and he just gave me a devilish smile.  I couldn’t believe it!  I asked him if he eat all of the Skittles and he nodded.  Then I asked him how he got it he said he took it out of the cabinet in the kitchen when Doug and I were sleeping.  Holy smokes!  This kid is helping himself to candy in the middle of the night!  haha  I dunno if it makes me a bad parent but I can’t help but laugh hysterically.  He’s only four and is planning special missions in the wee hours of the night.  I think I’m going to have my hands full when girls and hormones are in the mix.  Aye carumba!

I’m going to try to give him some more one on one attention to see if that helps resolve some of the mischief.  He’s such a good boy and is so darn cute it’s hard to be mad at him for long.  Of course, I’m his mom so I have to say that.  I love my Mr Jaden Naughty Pants!  … these bed time games really do need to stop though.

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  1. Right after my brother was born when I was 3 my mom was trying to take care of a newborn AND doing in home daycare. I wasn’t having any of it and I SMASHED the play dough into the carpet in the living room to prove a point 🙂

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